Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hola! Soy Grumpito!
Soy un gatito de Madrid! Soy el jefe de mi familia!

A. HEY - wait a minute Grumpy - who says you're in the "jefe" of the family??

G. Soy yo! Tiene una problema?

A. Grumpy is a Spanish Persian - he was born in Madrid back '94 and brought out to Australia in '96...

G. More like abducted from my native country and boxed up in a disgusting wooden box for days without food and a bed, bumped around and then sent to jail miles from civilisation for months on end - that alone gives me the right to claim the status of Jefe!
And another thing - Bert (he's my best buddy) is not really literate - I mean, he's a real hombre but... well, as Anne says, a boofhead (whatever that means). As for that new crazy bitch in the house - Lilli, she really is too much for me sometimes - I just have to chase her and scare her - keep her in line!
So - esta es - I'm the "jefe"!

A. Well - Grumpy has spoken - perhaps we'll wait for the others to comment before coronating him!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

While we're waiting for my gang to sort themselves out - here's a note from Bella ( a gorgeous Wheaten terrier in Phoenix, Arizona):

Hello Mummy.
I had a wonderful time this morning. I have attached a photo that Daddy took that tells you just how much fun I had - it is 7.20am and I am pooped! Boy those other guys were fun.
I walked up and down the park about 6 times with Daddy and that big scary guy with the silver hair and funny voice. The other guys - Midnight and Icko - were there too. Midnight just sniffed and pooed. Icko and I ran all over the place. I didn't even have to have my lead held!
I was very good - I didn't run from the pack much at all - expect when the big fat man came along. I wanted to talk to him. There were other guys as well - I don't know their names cause they were just out walking and sniffing too.
Midnight and Icko brought two friends - I was only introduced to one of them properly - his name was Rodeo. The other guy had to stay on his lead with the big scary guy with the silver hair and funny voice. I think he would have run away.
I came every time I was called and I just had sooooooooo much fun.
Have a lovely day Mummy. I miss you so much!


This is Anne - I'm the pet moderator for this blog.
There's just a bit of indecision amongst the gang about who gets first say - who is really the pack leader??
Well, actually, I think I am - because, after all I'm the only one that can type....
Watch this space to see who gets first chomp of the site - Bert the Wonderdog, Lilli the Psycho Puppy, or Grumpy the Spanish Cat...

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

This is the first entry from the BB pets!